"Coolin’ (Everyday)" by Swizz Beatz
Choreography by Daniel Jerome
Danced by Daniel Jerome & The Baby Bosses 

So I been working on this song since early this year before summer. 

When summer came around I had it about half way done.

After coming back from Korea for fall, I learned about new kids that danced at the studio I taught at known as “The Baby Bosses”.

I liked what they had as a team of little girls..so I decided to give this song/choreo to them.

So before the choreo was filled with fast arm throws, lots of moving/jumping around, and weird/crazy moves.

Since I was having them perform this with me, I changed it so that it was a lot a lot easier and fun to do.

This was also a lot of fun to teach for class compared to my other more recent choreos like Believer by Chris Brown and His Mistakes by Usher.

So I wasn’t going for crazy difficulty and tricks..I was going for fun and just chill stuff. Hope you enjoy!