There are 2 different concepts displayed in the video..
The choreo concept & the video concept.

Choreo concept: There has been a lot on my mind lately..frustration, confusion, lost, love, whatever it was, that I just need to release. I came up with this story of a strong love for someone…but a complicated one-sided love. The person loves this person to the point where they would do whatever to let this person know how much they care/love/want to be with them. The other person doesn’t feel the same way or as strongly. Now this person is deeply in love with someone who isn’t understanding that they person is down to do anything to be with them..but it doesn’t matter. Now the person is..well..frustrated, lost, confused, and in love. The love will go “The Distance” for them..this dance is like a last resort on trying to explain how they feels for whoever this person may be. It felt good making a dance that was just dance…it wasn’t about moves..but feeling and emotion.

Video concept: With that in mind..I remembered the reason I even started dance was because I felt something that I didn’t know how to express. And the perfect way I thought, was to make choreo..but back then I knew nothing about modern dancing. I have never stepped foot in a studio to take classes or even freestyled for that matter. Whatever I was feeling on Dec. 26, 2008..made me make a choreo out of nothing. Then from there I fell in love with this style of dancing and still do it till this day. Which also explains my tattoo that everyone has noticed in past videos, “Dancing with your feet is one thing, but dancing with your heart is…”. I started and chose to dance because of my heart..not because of moves, or girls, just to have another hobby, or whatever the reason may be..and I will never forget that. As dumb as this may sound to someone..Music/Dance saved me. And this video is me giving appreciation to it and to show people I don’t mess around. It’s serious.

I feel both paragraphs were a bunch of jibber jabber..but I hope you get the video and enjoy the dance nonetheless :]

If this video makes you feel anything…I personally cried a lot while choreographing this dance..and I have never ever done that before..but if you feel anything, understand the concept, love dance. Feel free to share it..hope to post more videos soon and to continue developing my dancing. Peace,love- Daniel Jerome